Texts translation

  • Tourism brochures

    Tourism brochures of district councils and several public bodies ( county commission offices and other administrative divisions), power point documents, tourism business translations (hotel menus, guided visits, etc). Nowadays, foreign tourism is becoming very important, so that it is essential to be prepared in order to assist these customers in your business.

  • Letters, emails or commercial proposals:

    We have worked in this field with some firms like www.diverhome.com. Let traducetuweb to expand your business into an international level.

  • Web pages translation

    Direct or back Translation of a website or updating a bilingual website: your web translation into English will show your job to a wider range of clients, so you will publish your activity in a better way.

  • Curriculum Vitae

    Nowadays, translating your CV into English can make easier your job placement. Do not hesitate, we can work together and improve your curriculum presence among the most strict firms.

  • Express translation

    It is a kind of translation which is done in a minimum delivery timeline of 24 hours. You must ask for it by phone.

  • Revision of texts in Spanish and English

    Asking for a literary publication revision, a scienfic text,etc. We give professional advice to you into this field, assuring your success in presentations, meetings and events.

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